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Virginia Modular HomesWe are considered one of the best suppliers of modular homes in the state of Louisiana. Our home owners enjoy quicker build times, superior quality, and trusted brands in each home. These are some of the reasons LMH is the builder of choice for so many satisfied customers!

A modular home delivered and set-up in the state of Louisiana could cost 10% to 30% less compared to a traditional home built on site. Modular homes are typically more energy efficient compared to traditional homes and, with quicker build times, you’re going to save time and money.

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We at Louisiana Modular Homes have created a unique, time-tested program that makes purchasing a modular home easy and enjoyable. Do you have a custom floor plan you would like us to look at? Maybe this is your first home purchase. Either way- we can help!

Within our website you will find information about modular homes and the benefits associated with modular construction. Modular homes are stronger, more energy efficient, quicker to build and, in most cases, cost less than traditional housing. Get the facts before you buy and make wise and informed decisions. Learn More.

Benefits to Modular Housing in Louisiana

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Since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the state is prepared to rebuild stronger and safer than ever using the International Building Code Series (I-Codes) developed by the ICC.

The Energy Efficiency of Modular Housing:
Quality engineering and the latest construction techniques significantly increase the energy efficiency of your new modular home. This ensures it will be economical to own and comfortable to live in regardless of the weather. In addition, most modular homes use two-by-six (2 x 6) framing for the walls. This allows more insulation to be placed in the wall, thereby ensuring greater energy efficiency.

Finally, modular homes have much less air infiltration, which is one of the largest causes of heat loss in a home. The fact that these homes are constructed in a factory allows the manufacturer to place more sealants, such as caulking, in problem areas that site builders have no access to. For example, a modular home builder is able to create a better seal around electrical outlet and fixtures because they can access the walls behind, above and underneath these areas.

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Modular Housing Cost Considerations:
Cost overruns are controlled in the modular housing industry. Since homes are built in climate controlled factories it ensures there are no weather related construction delays. Additionally, there are no cost overruns from “no-show subs” (as may often be the case with a site built home). Next, because of the reduced construction time there is reduced interest on construction financing which means you, the consumer, pay less on your loans.

Finally, because a modular home factory orders their materials in bulk they pass these savings onto their customers like you. With quicker build times and lower cost for materials it’s no wonder why modular housing is less expensive compared to a traditional home constructed on site.

If you live in Louisiana you owe it to yourself to learn more about this amazing industry and how modular housing is becoming more popular with each passing year. Learn More!

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