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louisiana modular homes

LA Modular Home Quick Features

Modular homes are gaining recognition for their efficiency and cost effectiveness. Modern technology is being used to meet the needs of today’s market. All modular homes meet or exceed state and local building codes.

These homes are just like traditional homes except they are built in factories and assembled together at the home site.

The normal construction method for building Louisiana homes is not used with modular homes. The process of building a modular home takes just part of the time it takes to build a home onsite. The building is pre-fabricated at an off-site factory. Modular homes are built in a way similar to that of an assembly line.The house is divided and built in subsections, where each is built and then transported to the site and constructed together just like any other home.

Modular homes in Louisiana are built inside and not in the weather. Sometimes weather can cause delays in construction or even damage to materials. And because all of the manufacturing is done at one location supplies can be bought in built to reduce costs. Modular homes do not have limitations on their designs. They can be any size or shape, one level, one-and-a-half levels or ranch. These homes can have basements and any number of rooms. Modular home builders offer many different custom options for you to choose from.

The price of a modular home in Louisiana is typically less than a traditional home because of the savings in labor, materials and time. When purchasing a modular home, you are able to get a lot more house for your money.

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